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Highland Dancing Waistcoat – Adult

We produce the finest Highland Dancing Waistcoats which are made to measure. They are not stock items.

Made with the highest quality of velvets from our exclusive luxury range of cotton velvets with matching range of Bonnie and Thistle Tartans. Our velvets match most other tartans too – please order a swatch if you wish.

Our beautifully crafted 100% cotton velvet waistcoat (vest) is shaped to your measurements, fully lined with soft 100% cotton fabric and has an alternating hook and eye fastening system with a secret privacy insert. Our waistcoats have four shapely panels in each section of the front and back with boning inserted in the front panel to give it wonderful form. It is also accentuated with a lovely silver Danish Braid and 10 thistle straight edged buttons down the front.

100% cotton pile velvet

Made in Scotland


  • £ 0.00
  • ** Please take this waist measure with a kilt on. **
  • ** Please take this hip measure with a kilt on. **

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