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Hose Measurement Guide

Please provide measurements in UK Imperial inches (to the quater 1/4 inch).

Please take all hose measurements standing straight, looking forward with your feet placed together. Please do not try to take the measurements yourself, it requires two people.

The measurements required for our hose are Calf, Length and Foot. These measurements should be taken as follows:

1. Calf

Take this measurement firmly around the widest part of the calf. Measure both calves taking the largest measurement.

2. Length

For Highland Dancers
Take this measurement up the back of the leg from the heel (floor) to the crease line at the back of the knee. We will add extra for the cuff.  Feel free to add growth of up to 0.5″ for child under 12 years old, add just 0.25″ for child under age 8.

For Pipers and Kilt Wearers
Take this measurement up the side of the leg from the heel (floor) to 1.5″ below the underside of the knee cap (or to where you’d like your hose to sit). We will add extra for the cuff.

3. Foot

Take this measurement standing directly on the tape with the big toe on metal end part, measure from the big toe to back of heel. Feel free to add 0.25″ for growth to any child under 14.

Care Instructions

We recommend that your Bonnie Tartan 100% Pure New Wool hose are gently hand washed when necessary – especially the foot part. We recommend you follow these few simple guidelines.

*Bonnie Tartan cannot accept responsibility for wrong measurements supplied.